POPUPSHOP loose sweatshirt seal

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POPUPSHOP loose sweatshirt seal
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POPUPSHOP loose sweatshirt seal, made from organic cotton, unisex.

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POPUPSHOP loose sweatshirt seal

Relax this season in the cool, everyday loose style sweatshirt from Danish brand POPUPSHOP. With its 100% soft organic fabric and great fit, boys and girls everywhere will be wearing it. Pair some plain sweatpants or a skirt for a relaxed autumn and winter look.

* Colour: light grey with seal print

* Material: 100% organic cotton

* Washing instructions: Machine wash at 30 degrees.

Please note that Popupshop prints are digital prints with ecotext colouring without any heavy metal dyes. To prevent polution and unnecessary chemicals in the garment the print has not been through any hardness wash or silicon wash. Therefore expect the print to be a little dush after first wash. This will only happen after first wash.