POPUPSHOP Bubble jacket forest

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POPUPSHOP Bubble jacket forest
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POPUPSHOP Bubble jacket forest, unisex.

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POPUPSHOP Bubble jacket forest

Warm and cosy jacket by Popupshop. Features include a detachable, warm lined hood, double closure with zip and snap buttons, two front pockets and a beautiful forest print allover. PU coating for wind and water resistance up to 5000 bar.


* Colour: forest

* Material: 42% cotton, 58% polyester, double PU coating

* Washing instructions: Machine wash     

Popupshop prints are digital prints with ecotext colouring without any heavy metal dyes. To prevent polution and unnecessary chemicals in the garment the print has not been through any hardness wash or silicon wash. Therefore expect the print to be a little dush after first wash. This will only happen after first wash.