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Neu: BOBO CHOSES Strick-Rock "Intarsia"


Neu: BOBO CHOSES Intarsia-Rock. Perfekt für den Winter. Mittellang. Schmaler Schnitt.

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BOBO CHOSES Rock "Intarsia"

Lässiger Rock für die kühleren Tage aus Bobo Choses "The happy sads" Kollektion. Cooler Look!

* Farbe:bunt

* schmaler Schnitt

* Material: 100% Bio-Baumwolle

* Pflegehinweis: 

* Sustainability: Bobo Choses is one of the fashion brands participating in ECAP (European Clothing Action Brand), a project that focuses on the clothing supply chain specifically to reduce waste and to bring about effective waste recovery. 

* 100% of Bobo Choses' SS18 production is local made. (89% Spain and 11% Portugal)

* Bobo Choses is cooperating with Made by, the label of sustainably produced fashion, on our way towards achieving the collective environmental reduction targets.

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