MINI RODINI Sweatshirt "Schmetterling", rot

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MINI RODINI Sweatshirt "Schmetterling", rot
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MINI RODINI cooles Sweatshirt "Schmetterling", rot, Bio-Baumwolle. 1772012042

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MINI RODINI Butterflies Sweatshirt, rot

Bezauberndes Sweatshirt mit hübschem Schmetterlingsdruck aus weichem Micromodal® und Bio-Baumwolle und weichen Bündchen an Hals und Ärmeln.

* Rundhals-Ausschnitt

* Bündchen

* Farbe: rot

* Material: 52 % Micromodal, 48 % Bio-Baumwolle, OCS certified

Europäische Größen: 2/3 Jahre = 92/98, 4/5 Jahre = 104/110, 6/7 Jahre = 116/122, 8/9 Jahre = 128/134

The sweatshirt is produced at a supplier where Mini Rodini has implemented a living wages project. Instead of paying the workers just the minimum, we pay a wage that is high enough to maintain a normal standard of living.

The sweatshirt is OCS certified which ensures that it contains organic fibers. We use the OCS standard when the composition is a mix of organic fibers and other sustainable materials such as Modal® or recycled polyester, and the GOTS certification is not applicable. This sweatshirt is partly made in Micromodal®, and the perks of this fabric go beyond its soft and silky feel. Micromodal® requires much less use of water and land area compared to cotton and viscose. The modal fibers are manufactured using certified wood from spruce and beech trees, making them 100% biodegradable.