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LOVI Holz - Hahn DIY (10 cm)


The most beautiful handmade patented decoration. Rooster by Lovi, Finland.

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One of our favourite wooden decorations by LOVE - the 3D wooden rooster in bright red, made from the highest Finnish quality, PEFC-certified birch plywood. Perfect as room or table decoration.

* postcard-like package (envelope size). Easy to send.

* assembled by hands without any tools

* Illustrated instructions inside the package.


* Colour: Bright Red

* Height: 10cm

* Package size: 15cm x 24cm x 3mm

* Package weight: 55g

* Material: 100%  Finnish, PEFC-certified birch plywood. Sustainable. 

* Made in Finland. Patented. 

* Lovi products use only 100% Finnish wood, from sertified Finnish forests, which are re-planted after felling. Today northern forest are growing at a faster rate than they are felled. In co-operation with Finn Church Aid.


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