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Light+Nine Anstecker. für Rucksack und. Tasche Einhorn, 3er Set


Set aus 3 Ansteckern für Light plus Nine Produkte.

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Set of 3 nimicks to customize your Light+Nine backpack, bag or pencil pouch, exclusively designed for LIGHT+NINE products(Patent Pending)

How to apply:

  • Using both hands identify the first hole you want to insert the nimick. Carefully squeeze the metal ball into the hole. Make sure the ball is COMPLETELY through the bag hole.
  • Identify the second hole that corresponds with the second metal ball pin. This is the tricky part!! Make sure you find a perforated hole. Insert the nimick COMPLETELY through the second hole.
  • You are not done yet‼ from the backside feel the ball locks. Gently press the material around the balls to make sure you feel the ball, locking into the material.
  • If you are not sure, you can pinch the ball (even with the lining on top), making sure you see/feel the full ball on the backside. When you feel the pin ball lock on the reverse side of the material surface, you have inserted the nimicks correctly. When properly fixed, bags can be shaken and used, and nimicks will stay in place*.
  • Improper placement of pins will cause nimicks to fall off!*
  • Be aware, once nimicks are fixed onto bag, you may see a visual mark after removing it.

*1. Proper usage: After inserting the nimicks securely, please make sure to use the bag with care. Under normal use the nimicks will stay in place. You can now, run, play, and shake the bag, the nimciks will stay in tact.

*2. DISCLAIMER: If children play with the nimicks (they remove it and don’t put it back right), or they push through a line, and something rubs against the nimicks, it is self-understood that the nimicks will fall off. 
As these are removeable items, we cannot guarantee that they will never come off.

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