Quinn and Fox

Quinn + Fox!

Quinn and Fox is an exciting and innovative new brand from Los Angeles, California. Every Quinn and Fox garment is handmade in Los Angeles from the threads to the final finishing touches. The team works hard to find the softest yarns and the best dyes to fashion wonderful fabrics and this eye catching collection is most notable for the striking imagery created by talented artists from across the globe. We are so proud to introduce them to our clients!

The Quinn and Fox collection features exclusive organic fabrics which demonstrate the brand's ethos of producing sustainable and eco-friendly kid's clothing. Each garment is a work of art bringing the Quinn and Fox spirit and imagination to life. The aim is to create a new movement and to design clothing for kids who say "messy hair don't care". The designs are evolved to inspire and excite youngsters whilst enabling them to express themselves and to play without limitations.

You can certainly expect the unexpected with Quinn and Fox. Each collection showcases the talents of artists from around the world and so there is a unique look and quirky feel about every single piece. The unisex separates feature both earthy and bright colours with striking monochrome graphics and insightful slogans that boast a sense of fun. We are sure that you will be charmed by the T shirts, hoodies and pants and that your kids will be thrilled to wear them.

Quinn and Fox kids' clothing is the perfect fusion of artistry and practical design. This causal wear has attitude but in the nicest possible way! Youngsters will love it, adults will appreciate it. It is a credit to California and the artists whose inspired work is showcased throughout the range.

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