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Just Dutch is a small company that specializes in handmade crocheted Miffys.Their design is all about simplicity, inspired by Dick Bruna’s stories and the colours of his landscape. Whether it be the white daisies, the beach stripes, the tulips, a farmer’s overall or a skating cap. Miffy’s authenticity in combination with handmade craftsmanship has proven to be really popular. As the children can change Miffy's, Boris' or Melanie's outfits, it makes it even easier for them to imagine Miffy in different roles.The fact that Miffy Handmade is creating jobs for underprivileged people makes the product all the more special. The Miffy dolls are crocheted at different locations. Some women do the crocheting at home, enabling them to look after their families at the same time. Just dutch also have disabled people working at their care facilities. 

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Miffy - Just Dutch


2 Artikel


2 Artikel