Gro Company

GRO Company from Denmark

GRO Company from Denmark is a new lovely brand at I Dream Elephants. Designer Annette Nordrup says the idea behind the GRO collection was to make a line for girls and boys from newborn to 10 year. To celebrate the life and growing up of children, they called the collection GRO, short for GROW.  The materials are smooth organic cotton, fine woven cord, and cashmere. The styles are comfortable and contemporary. The cuts are clean, but the lovely details are what make GRO's design totally unique. Very much the clothes every mum and dad would like their children to grow up in.

An old used button, some funny patch pockets in an old movie and every-day life in general is what inspires Annette. When she was in the middle of a t-shirt production she found an old drawing by her husband as a 4-year-old. The drawing showed a crooked-legged matchstick-man with spiky hair. Anette fell for the happy face and immediately decided that the little man should be her logo for GRO Company.

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