The wonderful Fay's and Finlay's Friendship book is inspired by the charming German tradition of friendship books. These books celebrate the role of friendships and shared experiences in life and provide youngsters with a wonderful keepsake full of treasured memories.

The Friendship Book Concept

The Fay's and Finlay's friendship book is a beautiful, quality bound piece with gorgeous graphics that's made to last and which features 88 pages. The book is made in the UK. Twenty siblings, cousins, teammates and friends can answer fun questions, draw, write and get creative with this lovely book. Each youngster makes their own personal contribution and then passes the book on. When it is finished it will be packed with amazing childhood memories that can be savoured forever.

This friendship book would make a wonderful birthday present or Christmas gift and is best suited to children between the ages of four and eight. Contributing to the book improves reading and writing skills, inspires creativity and helps to build bonds between youngsters.

This charming book is the gift of play, inspiration, education and wonderful memories. What could possibly be better? We are proud to feature this amazing gift here at I Dream Elephants and are sure that children everywhere will simply adore it.

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