Nadadelazos children's clothing inspired by the wonderful world!

This fabulous Spanish collection has really got us all talking here at I Dream Elephants. You cannot help but be charmed by this fun and funky range that was launched in 2010 by Madrid based German designer Kristina Laux. If you are trying to wrap your tongue around the name then try "Nada de Lazos" which means no ribbons or no ties and that is exactly what makes Nazadelazos so wonderful. Each season they take us somewhere else in the world and we have recently learnt about the tribes in the Omo valley in Africa and the indigenous people on Hawaii. The Autumn/Winter '15 collection takes us to world of famous painters and the Bauhaus movement. Picasso, Dali, Kalho, Klein and others have inspired the Spanish duo this time. It is just a wonderful collection which also gives us a lesson of the history of the Bauhaus art and design. We love!

There are no laces or ties on the garments and there are no bows, no frills and no trims. This collection is about getting kids getting dressed quickly before they enjoy running about and having fun wherever they may be. Nazadelazos is for real kids who are being kids and offers comfortable and roomy styles for the maximum freedom of movement.

Bold, themed prints are the order of the day with no ruffles in sight. This is a collection for 0 to 10 year olds who want to have fun and is fashioned from 100% high quality cotton and boasts long-lasting pigments that will survive wash after wash and stay bright as a button.

We are sure that Nazadelazos will really catch your eye and that your youngsters will simply adore each and every piece. With striking designs, quality fabrics, ethical production and a fabulous spirit what's not to like?

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